About Us

BEMYCAR incorporates Intelligent Mobility System (IMS), the nation’s No. 1 mobility sharing platform that provides vehicle in the most cost-effective way to Mobility On-Demand Service Providers.

As a Smart Mobility Platform company providing various On-Demand Mobility Services, Be My Car seeks to replace individual car ownership.

Intelligent Mobility System
Mobility Service Platform for OnDemand Mobility Service Provider
Intelligent Mobility Sharing
Sharing Subscription

“New vehicle lifestyles that make it easier to own more vehicles "


FMS(Fleet Management System) service provider
Mobility Data Science Company.

Replacement Vehicle Service
Premium Transfer Platform

Short/Middle term Rental
on the spot Reservation


Corporate Mission
Corporate Mission

“Connect the world with smart mobility innovation

We want to create a world where more people can use a car more conveniently whenever they need it without having to own it.

Key Data

Connected to IMS

Monthly No. of
Mobility Transaction

Monthly Gross
Merchandize Value

Mobility service
Providers with IMS



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